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Hutterite All Season Goose Down Duvet Fill By Highland Feather

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Hutterite All Season Goose Down Duvet Fill By¬†Highland Feather 

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October 14, 2019


It was suitable for our loft liveable space. It is firm, and not too firm. My teenage son went to sleep into it. It’s low down , nevertheless it hasn’t been a problem for the tall people within our family. The width is plenty wide to sit down comfortably. The ottoman has a lot of storage and lets you change up seating. For example creating a second chaise....Read More

October 14, 2019


I've been purchasing a sofa for months and chosen this place....the cost was good along with the color is the thing that I wanted.....the delivery guys brought it straight into the house with no problem...... just a little assembly and it was up as well as in place... I love the ottoman and storage within it.....the seat cushions are a little stiff but I figure they will burglary over time.. This is a good length, can definitely stretch out onto it.... Pros: Price, size, Cons: cushions

October 14, 2019


Came defective, the sockets may not lineup. EXTREMELY cheaply made instead of sturdy whatsoever. in case you grab the couch, it falls apart. the arm rests and back with the couch are extremely short which makes for any very uncomfortable seat. better like a decoration than a real functional sofa....Read More  read more 

October 14, 2019


I this way sofa a whole lot and delay good enough for my an alternative one bedroom apartment. My only qualms will be the assembly process as well as the height and depth from the sofa. As someone who dreads assembly, the instructions were actually easy to follow and I assemble it alone in about 45 minutes, HOWEVER, despite re-checking over and over, the couch does not seem sturdy. I even took it apart and re-assembled to ensure that I hadn't missed one step but the ear tab pieces and the ar read more 

October 14, 2019


I love the size and style as well as the texture  read more 


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