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Wideman 100% Microfiber Sheet Set By Mercury Row

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Wideman 100% Microfiber Sheet Set By¬†Mercury Row 

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June 27, 2019


The delivery team was great ! Super nice and helpful!!!!! Product is great and simple to gather, it is exactly what the truth is in the picture descriptions ( for size colors )

June 27, 2019


Very good sectional (for your price). Espresso color was what I expected! I adore the ottoman that included it. Only negative thing is the cushions can be firm (but hoping they will soften with use) along with the sofa isn't very deep (so don't expect you'll "fall into" this sectional). But I truly do love it!...Read More

June 27, 2019


I similar to this sofa a great deal and delay well enough for my another one bedroom apartment. My only qualms are the assembly process along with the height and depth with the sofa. As someone who dreads assembly, the instructions were actually simple to follow and I assemble it alone within 45 minutes, HOWEVER, even after re-checking over and over, the couch won't seem sturdy. I even took it apart and re-assembled in order that I hadn't missed a stride but the ear tab pieces and the  read more 

June 27, 2019


It was the right size for my apartment I like it a great deal so good as I thought  read more 

June 27, 2019


This is PERFECT for my small lounge. It's very firm but I love firm the best of this personally may be the cushions are connected so no slipping out. The color can be a light camel (not beige like it looks in picture) which to me is an additional plus. No doubt it is a cheaper couch however it is just what we needed AND free shipping? Who can complain!...Read More  read more 

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