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Felicia 3-Light Flush Mount By Rosdorf Park

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Felicia 3-Light Flush Mount By¬†Rosdorf Park 

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July 16, 2019


This is a good sectional for those within a strict budget! I bought this for our basement and perfect. You could seat several people, or loosen up in a number of ways. It sits pretty low for the floor, but I prefer this as it helps make the entire area seem larger. The seat cushions are VERY firm, but luckily the trunk cushions tend to be more plush. I'm sure the seat cushions will soften up with time. The extra storage within the ottoman is awesome! I actually utilize the ottoman to mak

July 16, 2019


I liked this

July 16, 2019


Easy to gather and looks better. Shipping was fast too.  read more 

July 16, 2019


I really like this couch!  read more 

July 16, 2019


Easy put together  read more 


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