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Sunlight 63.5 Task Floor Lamp By Lavish Home

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Sunlight 63.5 Task Floor Lamp By¬†Lavish Home 

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July 16, 2019


We have had the couch for 4 months plus some from the couch springs and also the wooden frame (cheap wood) from the bottom already broke along with the wood cracked. There are only 2 of us designed to use the couch by which we are barely you will find apply it since we work in the daytime. This couch consists of inexpensive material and wayfair also offers terrible customer support who will not help. Don't waste your dollars, i wish we didn't pay for this amazing site....Read More

July 16, 2019


The color and the reviews individuals have said

July 16, 2019


Super fast shipping, easy to assemble and also the perfect size.  read more 

July 16, 2019


Good sofa for the price. Easy assembly. Just the right size for the room.  read more 

July 16, 2019


Easy assembly! Very comfortable for the price.  read more 


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